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Kobe begins his farewell tour

Ian Taylor, Editor-in-Chief December 4, 2015

The day has come, the end of an era and therefore the true demise of a dynasty.Yes, Kobe Bryant will soon be gone.While this may not be the earth-shattering occurrence to most that it is to me, it still...

Ian Taylor

Passing of the Torch

Out with the old sports editor and in with the newTodays debate centers around centers: Hack-a-Shaq. Is it ruining the game?Trash TalkWhat is basketball? Is it a sport? Is it simply strategy?Well throughout...


Ian Taylor, Sports Editor April 23, 2015

Battle and War wonIn the last few days there has been some debate over the Royals squabble with the Oakland A’s and throughout I have remained neutral. That was until “Mr. CleatsUp” Brett Lawrie...

Proper Call?

Ian Taylor, Sports Editor April 9, 2015

NFL makes statement with hireThe NFL has announced that there will be a full-time female official, Sarah Thomas, this upcoming season. A bit of a surprise to some but when you investigate her background,...

Boxing drifts farther away from audience

Ian Taylor, Sports Editor February 26, 2015

And boxing is back on the map … well, at least for next so many months following the announcement of a fight five years overdue, one that the hundreds and hundreds of people that care have been clamoring...

Why win games the hard way?

Ian Taylor, Sports Editor February 19, 2015

Silva becomes newest in line of positive tests.Anderson Silva is without a doubt the most dominant mixed martial artist of all time, period, and end of story.From his elastic-like legs to the crispness...

Lebron Lebron

Ian Taylor, Sports Writer February 13, 2015

James needs to use his big boy words to sqaush team problemsHave we reached the point where the world has become so passive aggressive that we can not talk to one another about issues? A place where social...

Important paperwork

Ian Taylor, Sports Editor February 5, 2015

Seniors pick their schools and futureWednesday was national signing day for high school seniors all around the country who are ready to make the decision that will dramatically impact their future for...

February condemns sports viewers to highlight reels only

Ian Taylor, Sports Editor January 30, 2015

In the midst of “deflate-gate,” one’s mind can only wander, thinking about what is to come. The thing’s like — well, nothing really, and that is what is troublesome.Sure, we here at Missouri...

Why keep your lips sealed?

Ian Taylor, Sports Editor January 23, 2015

Where in the world has the locker room reporter gone wrong? Aftershave too strong, maybe not strong enough? The answer to this question still eludes me, but it seems athletes throughout the professional...

Playoffs? We’re talking about playoffs?

Ian Taylor, Sports Editor December 4, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, it is finally here. After years of National Championship turmoil, the system is in place to combat the problem.Yet, by all accounts, to this point, all the new system has done is...

One man is not worth this money

Ian Taylor, Sports Editor November 21, 2014

Three hundred twenty-five million dollar$$$. No, thats not a Dr. Evil reference, that was the number inscribed as guaranteed on Giancarlo Stanton’s contract offer from the Miami Marlins, a contract Stanton...

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