Battle and War won

In the last few days there has been some debate over the Royals squabble with the Oakland A’s and throughout I have remained neutral. That was until “Mr. CleatsUp” Brett Lawrie decided to do the one thing I despise from any professional athlete by insulting the Kansas City fans.

Now, this, at least in my case, is frustrating for multiple reasons, the first of which is that I am a Kansas City Royals fan. I grew up 15 minutes from Kauffman’s front gates, so for Lawrie to insult them means he has insulted me. Secondly, and my cynicism is only partly motivated by the previous point, Lawrie is an idiot, point blank.

Excuse me small-minded fella, you do know that the people in the stands in any ballpark make it possible for you to put on your uniform and “do your job” as you so eloquently put it, right?

I get it, you haven’t ever played for a team were the fans cheered or cared, and that is fine young buck. But don’t assume that your careers competitive mediocrity coincides with our mentality here.

We love our teams, feast-or-famine, and when you mess with them, you Uptown Funk with us, something you obviously don’t want.

Lawrie, you were shook by a pitch that scared you toward a new pair of whitey-tighteys and that is the long and short of it.

Baseball is a game of messages and this one was clear; if you wrong us we will fight back, and judging from your nearly tearful press conference I would say mission accomplished.