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The price of being a broke college kid

McKenna Hodges, Managing Editor December 7, 2022

As I opened my last package of 50-cent ramen and put it in the microwave, I thought to myself “this is normal, everyone here is a broke college kid too.” This was the mindset that I had during my first...

Griner should be released

Griner should be released

Kaitlin Hunnicutt October 31, 2022

A seven-time WNBA All-Star and two-time Defensive Player of the Year, Brittney Griner was sentenced in August to nine years in prison in Russia. Griner was arrested in the Sheremetyevo International Airport...

Why students should vote

Jazmine Knight October 25, 2022

Growing up, I’ve always heard, “your vote matters because you're choosing the future of our country.” But that reasoning meant nothing to me when I learned about the electoral college. Therefore,...

Claim your place, take up space

Claim your place, take up space

Sierra Ball May 9, 2022

Do you shrink yourself to take up less space in the world? I am a passive person – in fact when it comes to unavoidable confrontations, I become passive-aggressive at most. Throughout my experiences...

How powerful is positive thinking?

How powerful is positive thinking?

Sierra Ball May 2, 2022

Can positive thinking really change your circumstances? We have all heard the adage, “Just think positively,” as if that will actually do anything in terms of dealing with a stressful event. I...

Does COVID have young people living in fear?

Does COVID have young people living in fear?

Sierra Ball April 25, 2022

In 2009 I was a senior in high school. The H1N1 outbreak was all over the news. To be honest, I was quite unaware of the severity of the virus — or the lack thereof. I did not try to get informed about...

The college-age generation, currently members of Gen-Z, were introduced to social media during childhood. Due to this, they have grown into themselves using social media as the mirror in which they view themselves . Deprived of the opportunity to form their own opinions of themselves, Gen-Z have relied on “likes” from others to shape their self-worth.

Rates on the rise

Is social media healthy for college students?
Sierra Ball April 12, 2022

Are you dealing with depression or anxiety? Do you find yourself feeling lonely or isolated from your peers even though you are in constant contact? People in college are reporting higher rates of depression...

Olympic Figure Skater + Doping Scandel = A Torn World

Olympic Figure Skater + Doping Scandel = A Torn World

Jazmine Knight March 29, 2022

For most of us, going to the Olympics is merely a dream but at just 15 years old, Kamila Valieva made her dreams come true. She recently competed at the 2022 Bejing Olympic Games in the singles short program...

The Cost of College-Is It Worth It?

Evan Stepp October 27, 2021

For decades, career placement has been a crucial selling point for universities of all locations, acceptance rates, and levels of prestige. Colleges advertising the median salaries of their recent alumni...

Movie Review: A Quiet Place: Part II

Brooklyn Cady May 28, 2021

Director and award-winning actor, John Krasinski, briefly makes a cameo in the “A Quiet Place” sequel, which premiered at Joplin’s Regal Movie Theater on May 27, 2021.Following its predecessor, “A...

Things I wish I knew before starting college

Brooklyn Cady May 20, 2021

A snail-paced semester has come to a close and Missouri Southern bid farewell to hundreds of graduates and welcomed incoming freshman who will be beginning their higher education in the fall.As eager young...

Survivors walk west down 26th street in Joplin, Mo, near St. Johns Hospital after a tornado hit Joplin, Mo, on Sunday, May 22, 2011.

Community reflections of the Joplin tornado

Chart contributors May 12, 2021

Quinten SargentI remember the day very vividly. May 22, 2011. I was enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon at the park celebrating my cousin’s birthday with my sisters. Crazy enough, my younger brother was...

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