Proper Call?

NFL makes statement with hire

The NFL has announced that there will be a full-time female official, Sarah Thomas, this upcoming season. A bit of a surprise to some but when you investigate her background, which involves pre-season officiating and other similar experience, the shock and awe subsides.

Granted, flack comes along like a little brother in a situation like this, and the airwaves have already experienced somewhat of an explosion in turn. Obviously some good, some bad but ultimately the only question that matters is can she do the job?

The argument that she can’t seems almost laughable. You are telling me that a physically fit female with presumably good eyesight can’t run down a field faster than a 721-year-old man? Let’ be honest, not every zebra on the field is “Dr. Huge”, aka Ed Hochuli.

We have reached the age of technological advancement, relying more on cameras to make calls than the people paid for the position. To me, this change is a welcome one, putting the onus back on the human element of the game.

From players to officials to the fans in the stands, the games we love most are meant to connect us. So make the striped shirts one-size fits all and let the calls fall how they may.