Lebron Lebron

Ian Taylor, Sports Writer

James needs to use his big boy words to sqaush team problems

Have we reached the point where the world has become so passive aggressive that we can not talk to one another about issues? A place where social media has become the only backdrop for a bomb drop?

After the recent events concerning Lebron James and Kevin Love, it seems this may be more of the truth than we realize.

Take a step back. We are talking about Lebron, arguably the most impactful athlete on the planet, and you are telling me that this man can not walk down the bench and address his teammate face to face? He can’t pull K-Love out of the locker room and give him a verbal lashing in the hallway?

The argument over the greatness of Lebron has been going for the last number of years and I, as most, have been firmly on the fence with my feet dangling into the Jordan pool, but after sitting here and listening to this asinine jargon I can not help but see these actions as a possible reason.

It shows why Lebron will never be Michael, a reason that his legacy, while tremendous, will always be defined by two words: second best.