February condemns sports viewers to highlight reels only

Ian Taylor, Sports Editor

In the midst of “deflate-gate,” one’s mind can only wander, thinking about what is to come. The thing’s like — well, nothing really, and that is what is troublesome.

Sure, we here at Missouri Southern have our sports to rely on, but in the grand scheme of the sporting world, professionally, this is the worst time of year.

Football is done, the NBA regular season is nothing short of laughable, and with baseball’s regular season just beginning to creep into view, we must suffer through an utter dead zone of appealing ESPN coverage.

If you are like me — and if you are reading this I would assume that could likely be the case — your television set is continuously set on the channel, and for the months to come we will be badgered with a plethora of hypothetical information.

Mock drafts will rule the airways as Mel Kiper does his best to find each organization’s Carmen San Diego selection. The coaching carousel and Peyton Manning’s quadriceps will get more coverage than John Wall making an MVP case as we ponder things that will not be of importance for some time.

February, the longest month of the year for so many reasons — just ask the igloo building northeast — will drag on until we reach the college basketball promised land know as March Madness.

For me, March Madness is sporting’s saving grace. It’s the ultimate challenge in athletics, the piece de le resistance for what is known in this country as competition, but just as quickly as it is here, it seems it is gone and once again we are left with nothing — nothing but athletics emptiness, and, ultimately, a longing for that one word we all live for this time of year: spring.

As a prospective journalist, this time terrifies me. It sends boring chills through my weathered bones, but as I sit many miles from the boys in blue gathering in Arizona, I can only reminisce about the most electrifying World Series run since the Florida Marlins of 2003.

Those thoughts lead to hopes, hopes that will lead to dreams and dreams that will lead to overpriced purchases, but regardless of the pounds of my pocketbook, I long for sufficient entertainment.

Hockey, here’s looking at you!