Why win games the hard way?

Ian Taylor, Sports Editor

Silva becomes newest in line of positive tests.

Anderson Silva is without a doubt the most dominant mixed martial artist of all time, period, and end of story.

From his elastic-like legs to the crispness of his punches, this man has something in him that all others walking the face of the earth do not. What is that, you might ask? Well, following a second positive test for performance-enhancing drugs this is hard to determine.

In an era where testing positive has become as common as emoji use in a 16-year-old’s girl’s text messages, Silva has broken the cardinal rule. But as we consider the situation I, cannot help but wonder if that unwritten rule in sports has morphed completely from not cheating to simply not getting caught.

The competitive edge has existed forever. From under-the-pile violence in football to extra globs of pine tar in baseball, this concept is nothing revolutionary, and in a multi-billion dollar industry it is hard to believe it is not secretly mandatory.

Are fame and dollar signs more important than honor and hard work in our society?

Much like the questions about Silvas’ abilities before, this answer remains tough to determine.