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Zech Wheeler

Writer enlightens through editorials

Zech Wheeler, Campus Editor May 7, 2013

Politics is going to kill me. Perhaps we should lighten the subject? All this death and destruction’s got me down, and it’s not going to take me anywhere else is it?  For those of you bothering to...

Zech Wheeler

Editor tires of living as a ‘cog’

Zech Wheeler, Campus Editor May 1, 2013

I believe when the times comes, I’ll be voting Libertarian.I’m just about done playing around with the whole Democrat and Republican shtick. They’re two sides to the same coin, and the parties have...

Zech Wheeler, Campus Editor

We are our priorities

Zech Wheeler, Campus Editor April 16, 2013

I never received a response for my last column; which is a little disappointing. That can mean one of several things. It could be that people read it and just liked it so darn much that they couldn’t...

Zech Wheeler

Bickering blinds America to need for change

Zech Wheeler, Campus Editor April 10, 2013

I propose a humanistic approach to government. History has shown the countless flaws in allowing one person’s unfounded delusions to impact the lives of countless millions.Communism doesn’t work because...

Cartoon by Joshua Boley

Editor fears repercussions

Zech Wheeler, Campus Editor March 11, 2013

So, Kentucky has it in mind to beat Obama to the punch on gun control. On Feb. 27, Kentucky passed into law SB129, a bill that would prohibit any new gun restrictions imposed by the federal government....

Zech Wheeler

Editor ‘harasses’ rep over pot legislation

Zech Wheeler, Campus Editor March 5, 2013

Recently, I sent an email to North Carolina representative Paul “Skip” Stam.My email was one of thousands that he will undoubtedly not read because of its “harassing” nature.Therein is the rub.The...

Zech Wheeler

Editor suggests taking objective look at religion, geography

Zech Wheeler, Campus Editor February 17, 2013

The logic of most people is something that often confounds me for one reason or another.In a recent discussion, I divulged the reason for my teetering atheism/agnosticism to a friend.The concept that had...

Zech Wheeler, Campus Editor

Now hiring: New Applebee’s public relations director

Zech Wheeler, Campus Editor February 11, 2013

There was a point in time that I liked Applebee’s. That was of course before the whole St. Louis debacle. For those of you who still don’t know, a photograph of a particularly infuriating receipt found...

Zech Wheeler, Campus Editor

Gun control debate lacks clear solution

Zech Wheeler, Campus Editor February 5, 2013

You know what causes gun violence? Guns. And you can’t tell me it’s people. People cause lots of different violence. Certain people just happen to be using automatic weapons, right? I mean, guns don’t...

Zech Wheeler, Campus Editor

Tiring of hip-hop’s worn-out intrusions

Zech Wheeler, Campus Editor January 26, 2013

Rap breaks in songs need to stop.Now, I’m not a big fan of pop music. Anyone that knows me understands that pop music and I have a tentative relationship at best. But, I will admit that something catches...

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