Editor tires of living as a ‘cog’

Zech Wheeler

Zech Wheeler

I believe when the times comes, I’ll be voting Libertarian.

I’m just about done playing around with the whole Democrat and Republican shtick. They’re two sides to the same coin, and the parties have completely switched positions since their inception. If that doesn’t say something about the way things are currently functioning, then I don’t know what does.

CISPA, the Mansanto Act, nukes in North Korea, bombs in Boston, every day it’s something else. Things seem to be piling up while our federal government appears to be doing little to stem the flow. I’ve begun to believe it has little reason to do so.

I’ve never been a flag-waving patriot. I don’t believe I have to be as an American, and as a human being I have to constantly question the legitimacy of patriotism. Blind allegiance to any one faction doesn’t sound like a good thing to me. Logically, I associate with this country because I was born in this area and speak English.

I understand that geographical boundaries are conceptual more often than topographical. There’s a man in China with likely the same routine as me: working, eating, defecating, having sex with his wife (hopefully not all at once) and all the while he believes that he does this for the sake of his homeland and not for his own sake.

It confuses me. As a child it always bothered me to work on behalf of someone else; that they would have to go out and perform a job they hate for pay that barely sustains them just so that they could in turn produce something that I will likely throw away at some point.

I’m wasteful and material. I’m doing the best I can to get out of the loop. Hell, I threw myself in voluntarily.

I stopped exercising, took smoking back up, ate mostly fast food; I’ve felt more sick than I ever have in my entire life. I just gave up for a while because of a deep slump. I’ve found that putting yourself into this system of consumption only leads to more and more misery.

I haven’t stopped — Don’t know if I can really — but I’m a cog, working in time to consume and produce. Consume and produce. My modus vivendi will destroy me in a desperate attempt to keep me going. Go figure.