Editor fears repercussions

Cartoon by Joshua Boley

Cartoon by Joshua Boley

So, Kentucky has it in mind to beat Obama to the punch on gun control. On Feb. 27, Kentucky passed into law SB129, a bill that would prohibit any new gun restrictions imposed by the federal government.

It’s interesting to me to see how a lot of this is playing out around the country.

First we have talk (albeit mostly squawking) of secession.  

We have Colorado and Washington pushing marijuana legalization on top of all this, which leads me to wonder:

What the hell is the state of our relationship with the federal government?

It’s amazing really that we’ve found ourselves in this situation.

More than a century later we are once again at odds between a centralized government and a collection of sovereign states.

The biggest dilemma I face is determining whether or not a push towards a confederacy or something like it could be the next logical step or not and what that possibility could mean.

On the one hand, organizations such as the Tea Party worry me with their fixation on theological values.

I can understand their angle, but the whole thing has a

Conservative reek about it that I just could not sit right with.

On the other hand, I can see the accomplishments of Colorado and Washington, and this gives me some hope.

It’s inspiring to see that people are speaking up finally.

I would like to say that people are wising up and taking action to accomplish their demands.

Now, no one is certain of the future of these states.

Many speculate that SB129 passing in Kentucky will only allow a pause before the feds take initiative to try and overrule Kentucky’s decision.

Although, another question arises: How the hell are they going to pry those automatic weapons out of their hands?

It really makes me wonder what action the federal government could take if they want to retract guns and marijuana from their respective states.

The people who have spoken up and taken action to possess what they want aren’t going to just stop if the feds ask nicely.

I could only foresee things getting violent, or the government trying in vain to clean up a mess it has no hope of ever eradicating.