Bickering blinds America to need for change

Zech Wheeler

Zech Wheeler

I propose a humanistic approach to government. History has shown the countless flaws in allowing one person’s unfounded delusions to impact the lives of countless millions.

Communism doesn’t work because it still employs a central position of power.

The middle man in the plot can easily rise to power as a dictator. Capitalism leads to the rise of corporate power. Corporate influence leads to the destruction of the natural environment.

 My fellow Americans are too disillusioned by distractions to respond to even the most blatant of crimes against the common man. We are too occupied with bickering amongst ourselves to actually unite in any way at all.

We cannot set aside our differences long enough to accomplish anything that matters.

Gay marriage?

Here’s one: Should the government have the right to dictate marriage at all?

Meanwhile, the Monsanto Bill passes (thanks, Missouri Republican Rep. Roy Blunt) and we’re poised to ingest more genetically modified food, making us fatter and sicker.

Besides all  this, I find out through Facebook about the King Family vs. Jowers.

This case occurred in 1999, and it’s taken me 14 years to hear about it.

Apparently, the media never reported on it, likely out of fear. And I can understand that.

Hell, I’m still a kid and here I am speaking out for the world to see. I’m shaking at the thought that they would put down someone so dedicated to peace just to save the war machine.

But, that’s just the way of the world.

Until we can put aside our differences, the world will never change.