Lions step up to beat Pitt State


Willie Brown/The Chart

Junior guard Matt Everson follows junior Marquis Addison as they return to the second half of the game against Northwest Missouri State on Jan. 3.

Missouri Southern men’s basketball team visited Emporia State Wednesday, to play the Hornets.

Sophomore guard RJ Leverette led the Lions with a career-high of 22 points. Junior guard Marquis Addison added three assists and five rebounds, scoring a total of 16 points.

The Lions finished the first half down 36-34 at the half. The Hornets came into the second half and quickly took a 12-point lead.

With just under two minutes left in the game the Lions finalized the score with a 7-1 run, defeated by the hornets with a final score of 76-62.

The Lions hosted University of Nebraska-Kearney Lopers last Saturday. Nebraska-Kearney lead by two after sophomore Stephen Atkinson made a layup with just less than 16 minutes left in the first half.

The Lopers followed up with an 18-1 run, taking a 17-point lead. The lions ended the first half with a 9-3 run.

Junior forward Jordan Talbert brought the lead down to eight after a layup with 10:32 left in the second half. The Lions ended the game, defeated by the Lopers with a final score of 67-50.

“As a kid, I would get down on myself if I missed a few shots in a row. Being a shooter, the coaches will tell you to just keep shooting,” freshmen guard Austin Wright said. “You have games where you start off 0-3, then after that you’ll go 6-6. You just have to stay mentally prepped and you just can’t get down on yourself, you’ve got to think about the next play. If you make a bad pass or you turn it over, you can’t dwell in the past. You just have to keep pushing.”

At home last Wednesday, the Lion’s played rivals Pittsburg State for the Sonic Trophy Series Game. The Lions started with off with possession for a score, followed quickly by a steal, and a score by Talbert.

With nine minutes left in the first half, Addison knocked down his free throws to give the Lions the lead that they would keep the rest of the game.

 By the end of the first half the Lions were winning 42-37. Addison had 23 points in the first half , but was forced to the bench for most of the second half after he picked up three quick fouls.

Addison reappeared in the second half with seven minutes left and added 11 points to the score. He scored a career-high of 34 points, one more point than his game against the Gorillas last season.

Atkinson came through in the second half and added 13 points for the Lions. He had an outstanding 21 points for the night.

Talbert also had a great night ending a game with a double-double including a total of 10 rebounds and 13 points. With 50 seconds left Talbert had a huge steal, sealing an 87-80 victory for the Lions.

“We’re not coming out and playing with the energy, the drive and the determination that you’ve got to play with in order to be successful in this tough league,” head coach Robert Corn said.

The Lions will be back in action Saturday, when they host Northeastern State University at Legget and Platt Athletic Center.