Williams succeeds at combine

Everyone has experienced job interviews and the stress that comes along with them, but few know up front that a certain one will make or break a million dollar career.  A career that Brandon Williams, former football standout for Southern hopes comes with a high round selection on April 25th at the NFL Draft, and a large payday in the weeks following.  

Over the weekend he made his case for just that at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis with all the men who will be making those tough decisions in attendance.  

Running a solid 5.37 40-yard dash time for a man weighing in at a robust 335 lbs., and leading the defensive linemen with 38 reps on the bench press, Williams put his name on the NFL scouting radar.  Showing athleticism through drills that required players to move side to side, rotate their hips and sprint down the field Williams held his own against men of much smaller stature.

For all the NFL hopefuls at the combine over the weekend, the event is no walk in the park. They participate in multiple activities ranging from bench press, 40 time, mental evaluation, physical evaluations and even on-the-field drills.  

These men go through the ringer to show scouts that their every single aspect is ready to perform.  

Not only where they shine, on the field, but also off the field, their every action will certainly be scrutinized at the next level.  

These teams delve deep into the athletes before they make profound financial investments, to make sure they will be able to withstand the pressure.

After being mentioned multiple times on Twitter by so called “draft guru” Mel Kiper Jr., Williams has been projected as the sixth best available defensive tackle and a fourth round pick by nflsfuture.com,  large feat for a player from a small school.

Williams continues to surprise who people that know football best, but anyone who knows and has seen him play for the Lions would be on the opposite side of that spectrum.

After being a three-time All-American and the all-time sack leader at Missouri Southern, Williams has left a mark on the school he will soon leave in his wake, and the former MIAA defensive player of the year looks to make his mark at the next level as well.

In an interview with bleacherreport.com, Williams talked about the next level.  

“I want to show them just because I’m a small-school guy doesn’t mean I can’t play,” he said.  

“If you tell me I can’t do something, I am going to prove you wrong.  I’m going to show them that no matter who the competition is, I’m the guy for it,” he continued.

A large man with even larger dreams, Williams recounted his favorite memory as a college athlete, saying, “My son was born recently and the first game he came to, I broke the school sack record, so that was probably the best time.”  

It’s experience that his son will have many more opportunities to see as Williams looks to make a splash at the next level.