Campus food service provider makes changes


Brad Stout/The Chart

Shay Ford, sophomore nursing major and Sodexo employee, serves coffee to Southern alumnus Floyd Woolever during Happy Hour.

Brad Stout, managing editor

Sodexo, the primary food provider for Missouri Southern, is in the process of improving the services it provides in the Lion’s Den, University Java and Mayes Dining Hall. According to Michael Wonderly, general manager of Sodexo, these changes are part of the company’s efforts to improve business and recognition on campus.

“What we’re trying to do is drive a little more business into our retail units in the afternoon,” said Wonderly. “We’re just trying to create some additional revenues on campus and trying to draw in some more of our customers in the afternoons when [business] gets a little lighter.”

One of the most prominent changes so far has been Sodexo’s new “Happy Hour,” when drink prices are marked down between 3 and 5 p.m.

“We noticed that the trend was running happy hour specials in the afternoon, so we decided that it would probably be a good idea that could get some students in,” said Wonderly. “Then, in our Lion’s Den, one of things that we have done is we now are incorporating flavors for the drinks and everything else, since it’s one of the big things that Sonic does. When you see somebody else who does something the right way, you follow them.”

Sodexo is also hosting themed events in the Mayes Dining Hall. In February, events included a Super Bowl party.

“Since I’ve been here, one of the things Sodexo has really tried to embrace is, at least once a month, we’ll try to do a special event,” said Jackie Jackson, dining hall manager. “When I came here, it was steak night once a month. I truly just believe that wasn’t special, so I’ve tried to bump it up a notch — just make it a themed event.

Every month out of our calendar year, we have something special in our history going on, so I try to tailor it around things like that.”

The dining hall will          host its next themed event on March 4.

“We are having a Fat Tuesday event … and what I have decided to do is somewhat of a New Orleans jamboree,” said Jackson.

“We’re going to have the music, we’re going to have the beads, and we’re going to have a Jeopardy trivia contest. Each correct answer, you will win beads. The person with the most beads at the end of the night will win a door prize.”

Jackson is also creating Wild Wing Wednesdays, beginning in March.

“It will be your Buffalo Wild Wings type atmosphere, where we will have several different flavors — boneless, bone-in — with all the trimmings,” said Jackson, “and for the price that we offer here — $5.34 — you can’t beat that all-you-can-eat.”

Other changes concern the campus Pizza Hut menu, which has been slowly growing in variety over the past few semesters, and Sodexo’s website. Currently students can learn about menus and events on Southern’s website, but Wonderly said Sodexo will soon have its own website at