Project Stay: A place for every student


Katrina Ball

Executive Director Debbie Fort is located in 301 Hearnes Hall

Project Stay: it truly has a meaning within the name. Project Stay is a federal grant program for first-generation students and is in 301 Hearnes Hall. Students learn about realistic goal setting and building connections.

According to Debbie Fort, executive director of Project Stay, it has been available since 2000.

“Project Stay was made of people who cared about us as people, not just students,” Fort said.

Services include one-on-one academic advising, paid private tutoring, Priority Enrollment, community service, career exploration, job shadowing, scholarships, help completing FAFSA and scholarship applications, assistance applying to graduate school, and trips to area culture sites.

This program keeps me young. I learn something new every day from our students,” Fort said.I consider it to be personal growth to learn new things daily.”

 Being the director has allowed her to make changes that benefit the staff and students.

“It is a joy to watch students grow and flourish both personally and professionally,” Fort said. Each year brings new confidence as they apply what they learned previously. They leave as confident adults ready to change the world.”

Fort is challenged to learn new terminology and subject area information.

“It is such an honor to work with students,” Fort said. ” I want to see the world through their eyes and situations.”