Hey, San Fran, let us be Royals

Ian Taylor, Sports Editor

As the World Series got under way Tuesday, the country focused its collective attention on the K, Kauffman Stadium, in Kansas City. With the raucous crowds from the not-so-distant city becoming something of lore, their opponent, the San Francisco Giants, looked to cool down what has been one magical roll in a rather imaginative manner.

Tuesday gave them the first on-field opportunity to do so, but as the contests got under way, the battle was days behind the war that had already begun between two metropolises.

The San Francisco area threw the first punch by banning the Lorde song Royals from two radio stations, 96.5 KOIT and KFOG, in the bay area, claiming, “our listeners told us to do it, so we did it,” said programming director Brian Figula.

In response, Kansas City radio station 99.7 The Point decided to do nearly the opposite, playing the song every hour on the hour for the entirety of the lead-up to Tuesday’s series opener. That was a bold move for a year-old song, and after a home opener shellacking at the hands of the Giants, dare I say, the wrong song?

Still, the story does have an interesting beginning. Lorde, a 17-year-old singer from New Zealand, apparently fell in love with the word after seeing a photo of Royals great George Brett signing baseballs in a 1976 issue of National Geographic.

The musical battle makes a coy start to the first World Series contest in history to pit two teams that won under 90 games in the regular season against one another, and adds yet another layer to the superstitious background that makes this sport so alluring.

But as the series pushes further into October, only one question is still unanswered: What should Royal fans ban?

While Kansas City has placed an onus on what could be described as a muddled rebuttal, where is the real pizazz here?

The blue drop on the World Series radar, so to speak?

We could drop all Alcatraz movies from our Netflix accounts; goodbye, The Rock and Nicholas Cage.

No, not good enough. How about all things bridge related? We close them and just swim across?

I think not. No, I have to steal the idea that spiked my interest the other day when all this mumbo-jumbo was presented to me, and that is the illustrious treat Rice-A-Roni, or as it is known, the San Francisco treat.

There you go, Giants fans, who’s laughing — well, who’s hungry — now?