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The price of being a broke college kid

McKenna Hodges, Managing Editor December 7, 2022

As I opened my last package of 50-cent ramen and put it in the microwave, I thought to myself “this is normal, everyone here is a broke college kid too.” This was the mindset that I had during my first...

Who’s winning the NBA finals

By Kevin Jones Sports Writer April 24, 2019

This NBA season has seen some familiar faces return to the Playoff picture, along with some newcomers. The Bucks have become legitimate title contenders, new faces in the Brooklyn Nets and Orlando Magic...

Battle of the music apps: Spotify vs. Apple Music

April 8, 2019

Alexandria Berryhill | Staff WriterSpotify is by far the more superior music app compared to Apple music.I, myself, am an avid music listener and am always searching for something new. I’ve had Spotify...

There has to be a better way to learn math

Cally Chisholm February 25, 2019

Women comprise two thirds of the engineering department at Missouri Southern–a highly unusual and notable occurrence. I am pursuing this this topic because I am very passionate about women’s equality...

Joshua Boley, Executive Editor

Christianity doesn’t translate into perfection

Joshua Boley, Executive Editor December 12, 2012

Christians are egotistical self-righteous hypocrites. This is the opinion that many who are not Christians have. Sadly, many times they are correct; however, there are several misconceptions about Christianity,...

Our Opinion: Priorities among faculty, staff seem misplaced

The Chart December 7, 2012

It seems to us at The Chart that a person fortunate enough to have a job in today’s economic landscape would be thankful for that alone. It seems to us that faculty at an institute of higher education...

Our Opinion: Feedback is key to forum

The Chart October 12, 2012

There is a reason this section of the paper is labeled “Public Forum,” as opposed to “Opinion.”As simple as it sounds, it is because this section is just that: a true, unfiltered public forum.We...

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