Our Opinion: Feedback is key to forum

There is a reason this section of the paper is labeled “Public Forum,” as opposed to “Opinion.”

As simple as it sounds, it is because this section is just that: a true, unfiltered public forum.

We want your letters. We want your thoughts and we want your opinions. When we don’t get them, we fill this section with the opinions of our staff members.

We give them the chance to begin the discussion — not to throw the first stone, but to get people thinking and, hopefully, to make students, faculty and staff write in to share their opinions as well.

There is a reason this page is made up entirely of Letters to the Editor.

We figure this campus hears enough of us on a weekly basis.

This section is for people just like the three who chose to write us letters this week.

If there is ever a subject on which you want your voice heard in a marketplace of ideas, this is a wonderful way to do it.

We are happy to give people a pulpit and we’d like to thank the people who wrote to us this week.