Battle of the music apps: Spotify vs. Apple Music

Alexandria Berryhill | Staff Writer

Spotify is by far the more superior music app compared to Apple music.

I, myself, am an avid music listener and am always searching for something new. I’ve had Spotify for about two years now.

Before that I listened to Pandora for the stations and Apple Music for the aesthetic. I will never go back to either of the two.

    Spotify bases your music off your tastes and creates playlists of music that you have and haven’t heard before. It offers a variety of music, podcasts, music videos and playlists.

    Every day the Spotify app creates a daily mix everyday as something different to listen to. I have a wide variety of music tastes, so my Spotify creates five daily mixes every day and I listen to whichever one I feel that day.

    Every week you’re also given a release radar and a discover weekly. Sometimes your favorite artist or a band you like will release a song and it’ll go to the playlist of release radar.

With discover weekly, this is a playlist made every week to help broaden your music taste and help find the next band you may fall in love with.

    Spotify also makes playlists for your exact mood or how you want to feel. Whether you’re happy, sad, doing homework, having a party, road tripping, whatever the occasion may be, Spotify has the playlists.

    You’re also able to listen to your friends and other people’s playlist. When following another person, you can see what they are currently or in the past have been listening to.

    The greatest part of Spotify is the price. As college students, if we use our college email or prove that we’re still in college the price is only $4.99 a month and this also includes Hulu and Showtime. That’s three apps. Compared to Apple Music, which is also $4.99 a month, but doesn’t come with any other apps.

    With Spotify you can listen anywhere. Any phone, laptop, or streaming device. Unlike Apple music which only has compatibility via apple devices. 

Cally Chisholm | Managing Editor

I love Apple Music, and yes, I have tried Spotify once before and I didn’t convert like most people. I’ve stayed loyal to ITunes ever since I got my first iPod nano in middle school.

After Apple launched this new streaming service in 2015, I hopped on board without even looking at Spotify. I had gotten used to the format of iTunes and wasn’t open to change when my friends gave in to the competitor.

For $9.99 a month, I can download and stream all the songs my heart desires with no advertising interrupting. Apple can claim more than 45 million tracks compared to Spotify’s “more than 35 million.” 

I think this is the biggest selling point for me. I can also appreciate that I don’t have to take up more space in my phone. The Music App comes with the iPhone.

I also love the design of Apple Music compared to Spotify. Apple Music emphasizes album covers and colorful aesthetics. It really allows you to appreciate the album art.

If you decide to try out Apple Music, you get a three-month trial with the same quality sound as when you pay. Not only do users have access to music, but radio stations, high quality music videos, and Taylor Swifts’ entire discography.

And yes, Apple Music does offer a student discount just like Spotify.

Most college students already have a preferred streaming service, but I hope that this gives some insight as to why some people prefer Apple Music to Spotify.