Don’t be a celebrity dropout

Online college just not the same

Online college just not the same

Annie Clarkson

After the first day of class at Missouri Southern this fall, I felt like dropping out.Again.

I started college back in the 1970s. I chose the No. 2 ranked party school in the nation, and it lived up to its reputation. After eight fun-filled years and a dismally low grade-point-average, I dropped out.

I was in good company. The list of famous college dropouts is impressive. Everyone knows that Albert Einstein and Bill Gates never graduated from college. But since it’s ludicrous for me to compare myself to Einstein or Gates, I tried to find a few more dropout role models.

Alicia Keys dropped out after one semester at Columbia University. I can’t sing or play piano.

Heidi Klum became a model immediately after high school. To say I have nothing in common with her is a gross understatement.

Rush Limbaugh dropped out of college after being required to take ballroom dancing. I’m grateful that is not a core requirement for my major.

Brad Pitt left the University of Missouri two credits short of graduating. He’s done okay for himself.

My previous college attempt most closely resembles actor Ray Romano. He went to college for 7 years but never graduated. He said, “I would get my student loans, get money, register and never really go. It was a system I thought would somehow pan out.”

Karl Rove, presidential adviser, left University of Utah after two years. He should have stayed in school, for his own sake and that of the president he would later advise.

Tiger Woods quit Stanford University after two years. I never played a round of golf without cheating.

A lot of celebrities never finished college, including Kanye West, P. Diddy, Simon Cowell, Dr. McDreamy, Snoop Dogg, Quentin Tarantino, Harrison Ford, Will Smith and Steven Spielberg.

These and countless other college dropouts had hugely successful careers. Some were just born with massive talent or good looks; others just got lucky. Remember that the list of college graduates is even more impressive.

Southern is a great place to get a college degree. The classes are small and the instructors are always willing to help.

If the urge arises to drop out of college, put a negative spin on the Nike slogan and “Just don’t do it.”