Chart barred from college fair

A University administrator prevented the display of The Chart, Missouri Southern’s campus newspaper, at a career fair tonight [Oct. 8].

Derek Skaggs, director of enrollment services instructed a communication department representative not to display the paper because of a news story reporting a decline in enrollment.

“Well we’re out there trying to recruit students and I didn’t think it was appropriate to have a newspaper that’s talking about the decline in our enrollment,” Skaggs said.

University President Bruce Speck said that he would need more information to fully comment, but that college newspapers should have “wide latitude” in what they cover and how they are distributed.

Jean Maneke, legal consultant with the Missouri Press Association, said she could not recall a case involving the censorship of distribution points for college papers. She is researching the issue at The Chart‘s request.

The Chart will continue to update this story online and in Friday’s print edition.