Intramurals kick off season

Zachary McFerren

While many university sports come to a close, students will be looking for a way to get their sports fix. The answer: intramural sports.

Intramural sports kicked off the year with great responses to its volleyball and ping-pong tournaments.

Events such as dodge ball were played Thursday and will continue through today. Teams are also needed for 3-on-3 basketball, which has a sign up deadline of Nov. 11.

It will be a two-loss elimination tournament. Details have yet to be announced on a three-point contest scheduled for 3-on-3 basketball.

The person that makes sure all the intramural sports run like clockwork is 21-year-old Kevin Hauck. Hauck, a senior physical education major, has worked for intramural sports for three years, this being his second year as the intramural coordinator.

As a freshman, Hauck was involved in what intramural sports had to offer which was the reason why he wanted to help run it.

A lot of freshmen have a hard time meeting new people and getting involved in activities.

“Well, participating in intramural sports is a good way to meet new people and make friend,” Hauck said. “Join in on activities around campus and get to know more about what is happening on campus.”

Along with meeting people and being more involved in campus activities, the prize people strive for at the end of their intramural tournament makes it all worth it.

“If you win the sport then there is a tee shirt for the winner, that is always a plus,” Hauck said.