Jessica Schreindl

Once again, the cool guy won. The cool guy always wins.

Early on, it was clear Barack Obama would be the next president of the United States. America had never witnessed anything like him. A sort of superstar persona surrounded him. His face was splashed on everything from handbags to wine bottles. There was even a lip-gloss made bearing the slogan “I Kiss Barack.”

McCain should have thrown in the towel then and there when he saw the lip-gloss. You know it’s over when 13-year-olds are wearing your bubblegum-flavored opponent on their lips. The guy never had a chance: he’s old and crusty. It may be the bad boys that get the girls but it’s the charmers that win elections. History has shown us this time and time again.

Take George W. Bush for example: Although now we may be thoroughly disgusted with him and can’t wait to “give ’em the boot,” there was a time when he was “cool.” Bush has that sort of good-old-boy appeal that America loves. Somewhere between wranglers, stuttering and a goofy grin, he won our hearts and our votes. Remember Bill Clinton? He played the saxophone on the Arsenio Hall show and had a lot of sex: enough said.

The point is, both Bush and Clinton seemed like guys you could sit down and have a brew with: they were “trustworthy.” Obama is that same kind of guy.

Millions turned out in Chicago to hear his acceptance speech. With tears in their eyes and handkerchiefs in their hands, the crowd swayed as they hung on his every word. It was like being in church.

Barack Obama is not a just a rock star – he’s the “Barackstar.”