Palin proof: sexism remains

Palin proof: sexism remains

Palin proof: sexism remains

Jessica Schreindl

Right now, I feel like that guy on YouTube sobbing “Leave Britney alone!” Only, I’m defending Sarah Palin.

That’s right: that dumb, right-wing MILF from Alaska. One would think that now the election is over, Palin would have faded into the background – but she’s just too damn hot to be ignored.

Tuesday night on the “Late Show,” David Letterman jokingly referred to her as “that babe from Alaska.” A female porn star is cashing in on America’s sexist attitudes toward Palin by imitating the governor in a film.

Why are still talking about this woman? Why is the media still crucifying her?

Perhaps it is because Palin is an attractive woman. Perhaps it is because she is a Washington, D.C., outsider. Whatever the reason, Palin’s treatment has been a disgrace. While America was busy celebrating the progress we’ve made with race relations, sexism reared its ugly head.

The media’s infatuation and unfair treatment of Palin was relentless. Whether it was skits on “Saturday Night Live” suggesting Palin’s husband impregnated their 16-year-old daughter, discussion about what designer she was wearing and how much it cost, or suggestions that Palin actually believes she can see Russia from her house – there was a landslide of mudslinging. Did the media obsess over what John McCain was wearing? Did they question Barack Obama’s ability to hold office and have a family? No.

America should have been shocked by the media’s treatment of Palin. One would have thought the feminists would have been in the streets burning bras and shouting “sexism!” But they were silent. They’ve been there for Hillary, why not Palin?

Agree or disagree with Palin’s political views, the woman was burned at the stake.

It was interesting to hear the same people who complain about corrupt politicians mock Palin for her “uneducated” answers. For once, America was exposed to an unscripted, Washington outsider who did not have all the answers ­- and it didn’t have the stomach for it. We’ve been fed the political machines’ rhetoric for so long, when we hear something different we can’t digest it.

The McCain camp and the mass media did not like what they heard. And so, Palin was silenced, mocked and lusted after.

A professor of mine recently said he believed there is more sexism in America than racism. At the time I did not believe him. After Sarah Palin, I’m convinced of it.