Election results inspiration to kick habit

Book quenches editors thirst for drugs and blood

Book quenches editor’s thirst for drugs and blood

Parker Willis

I’ve been waiting for inspiration for a long time – knowing it comes from the strangest of places. But Tuesday, I was pleasantly reminded that, sometimes, it comes from the place it’s supposed to: even if it’s a place that has all-too-long been a place of disappointment.

I was inspired by “our president.” Yes, I know it’s not official until January; but the speech that came from our newly-elected official inspired me to do many things. One of which I’ve been meaning to do for a long time.

Quit smoking. Yes, you read it here: Parker Willis has stopped smoking cigarettes. Right now, I have one waiting for me after I finish writing this (hopefully it does the trick since I just smoked one while my computer was uploading).

But after that one, it’s over. I have made my “New Year’s” commitment to quit smoking, at least for a term, and I’m sticking with it.

I knew when I left work Tuesday, knowing Obama had won, yet still feeling a bit overwhelmed by my day full of nearly catastrophic and unpredictable events, that something had changed.

Initially, I only felt like the guy who picked the Kansas Jayhawks to go all the way last March: I picked a good competitor early on and the win, in turn, made me feel victorious.

But when I arrived at a friend’s house and saw Obama walking up to the podium, I suddenly felt a breath of fresh air, and, relief: a feeling you can’t get from winning some shallow sports bet.

There’s a “new hope.” Watching Obama speak reminded me that being the president isn’t just about the decisions you make behind closed doors. It’s also about how you inspire and move people. Obama is the first president to do that in a long time.

I can’t say I’ve felt it since I first cast my vote in the primaries; but when Obama spoke last night, I did. It reminded me that the greatest ability any president can have is the ability to inspire the people. Regardless of whom you voted for today, or whether you voted at all, if you were watching his speech, you felt it.

I can’t be the only one. Right?

Half the country welled up when the cameras cut to Oprah on the verge of tears mid-speech. I think that means something. I just hope our new president can bring this country out of its slump before people start blaming him. It sure feels like he will.

(Spark … inhale) We’ll see.