Folk dance cures Monday boredom

Kim DeRaedt

It’s a Monday night. Not exactly the most exciting night on campus by any means. That is, unless one is partaking in International Folk and Dance.

Fourteen lucky students have enrolled in Judy Schneider’s Monday night class which runs from 6:30-8:10 p.m., and while the course is a far cry from ordinary, it is a great way to earn an hour of credit to satisfy one’s kinesiology requirement.

International Folk and Dance incorporates a wide variety of dances including foxtrot, salsa, cha-cha , polka, two-step, waltz, and swing to make students quite the well-rounded dancers.

Freshman student Anna Nine admits she didn’t know what to expect when she signed up for the course.

“When I joined the class, I thought I would learn a bunch of old dances that no one did anymore, but I discovered that many of these dances are still used. When I went to the Joplin Square Dance Center, it was really cool because I actually knew what dances everyone was doing.”

Nine also notes that the class is an excellent way to make friends.

“You definitely get to know all the people who you are partnered with.”

Perhaps some friendships are a bit too close, though.

“This is a personal thing. I hate being close to people, so it is very awkward for me to dance the really close dances.”

Despite this, Nine would definitely recommend the class to those eager to have a fun time.

Guys, this includes you too. There are actually several guys enrolled in the class.

International Folk and Dance is the perfect way to alleviate Monday night boredom and receive credit at the same time. Who would’ve thought school could be so fun?