Holiday List: One great place to eat Thai food

Colby Williams

Joplin has some decent places to dine, but in order to really feel fancy, a connoisseur needs to go to some big city and shell out a fat Franklin or two. At least, that is how it used to be.

JB Elephant’s Thai Bistro is located in the shopping center at the corner of 32nd Street and McClelland Boulevard, and it is a refreshing addition to the already saturated restaurant market in Joplin. Formerly The Thai Place on 7th Street that no one liked, the owners got some inspiration in design and execution. They moved to a new location in a nicer part of town, decked the interior out and thought through seemingly every detail.

Walking into the place, a newcomer quickly notices the beautiful decorations and mood enhancing lighting. He also quickly sees the clientele dressed to impress and the shimmer from the cocktail bar display. The menus are gorgeous and feel like silk. They contain every familiar Thai dish, as well as some new creations partnered with a few of the best cocktails in town. Presented on perfectly arranged dishes, the entrées are delicious and can come in a range of spices and with a variety of meats. They even offer tofu for the veggie inclined.

The main attraction of the bistro is the live jazz on Friday and Saturday nights. Smooth and relaxing, the band pairs well with the atmosphere to transport listeners way out of southwest Missouri.

Just when it seems like it could not get better, JB Elephant’s shocks the world with a Web site. Joplin restaurants don’t have Web sites! Apparently, no one told these guys. Like the business it advertises, the Web site is pretty. It takes forever to load and contains humorous spelling errors, but it is still miles beyond what most people in town are doing.

Fellows, treat the ladies right this weekend and take them out for some jazz. Be prepared to spend more money than the usual Quizno’s and a movie, however, but it is definitely worth it.

Thank you JB Elephant’s for making our town a little better.