Your suggestions

[Editor’s note: Your letters reducing costs as submitted to the President’s office through [email protected]]

“Dr. Speck and committee members:

I have two items I would like to mention in regards to cost-saving measures.

First, I recently worked with Dave Throop to revise our photocopier contract for the copier used in the broadcast area. We were not using copier for the higher number of copies allowed under contract per month. So, he was able to get us a reduced rate reflecting our lower usage of the copier (it went down from $55 per month to $37.50 per month). When we have “big” copy jobs, we will send the materials to the print shop on campus. This may not apply to many of the academic areas on campus because of the high usage of copiers by faculty. But, there may be a few areas that are paying for more copies per month than they are using.

The second item is has discussed involving how we might help with campus promotional activities. We have the equipment to produce broadcast-quality television spots. We don’t have a large staff, but we have created promotional spots and PSA’s that have been distributed for airing on local television stations.

Our Creative Services Director, Bill Hunt, has close to 30 years experience in television production work and we have AVID non-linear editing equipment and a quality digital camera for shooting video. If we could involve our most experienced and capable students in assisting with production work in some means, this would enhance their educational experience.

As we expand KGCS-TV to a broader over-the-air broadcast area, we have an opportunity to enhance our service to the University and the community. In a market with a limited number of broadcast TV stations, KGCS can prove that quality TV work is a part of the University service.”