Obama: another ‘war hawk’ in the White House

Tyler Downing

I really want to like President Barack Obama. I really wish I could celebrate along with the rest of the country, and even some of the world, his inauguration as president. However, my conscience will not allow me to do so, because I know Obama is no better than Bush in any way, even when it comes to foreign policy and war. For all the talk of “change” that his campaign did for several months leading up to the election, many things are clear.

First of all, even though he talks about how the war in Iraq is wasting taxpayers’ money, which is true, his statements have not been consistent regarding his stance on the war. For example, in one of the debates he had with John McCain, Obama said we need more troops and resources in Iraq. He said this in the same debate where he pointed out the amount of money being wasted on the war. Huh? How the hell can we send more troops and resources to Iraq without wasting more taxpayers’ money? The man is clearly deluded, if not completely psychotic.

Secondly, Obama also said we should send two to three additional brigades of troops to Afghanistan as soon as possible. He does not explain, however, why these additional troops are needed. And most significantly, he does not tell the truth about the fact that we need to get out of Afghanistan as soon as possible. But as anyone who actually does research and pays attention to current events knows, our presence in Afghanistan is only worsening the situation.

Thirdly, Obama has talked about the possibility of war with Iran because of the threat of its nuclear program. Hmm … I wonder who, if indeed Iran has any ability or intention to develop these weapons, is responsible for providing Iran with these capabilities. The answer may be shocking.

The U.S. government has, for several years now, had a very offensive-foreign policy that Obama obviously has no intention to stop. For decades now our military, under the direction of its commanders-in-chiefs, has been selling weapons to small, underdeveloped nations such as Afghanistan and training them how to use those weapons. Then, after developing new-and-improved weapons, our military is sent back to these countries to start wars with them. I’m absolutely disgusted how our military, which should be used for purposes of defense only, is being abused by the powers that be.

However, since Obama is a coward – just like Bush before him – this vicious cycle will continue until we finally have a president who is willing to tell the truth and refuse to cooperate with the global elites who want to continue offensive wars and nation-building. It’s obvious that with Obama, the fascist war hawk and human puppet for the new world order, there is no hope.