02-11-2009TheftSpiva LibraryAt 8:40 a.m., DPS responded to a call reporting theft from the Spiva Library coffee shop. An employee of the coffee shop told DPS that a 12-inch light blue fan, valued at $15, was taken from the coffee shop sometime after 9:30 p.m. on Feb. 10. The fan was missing when the employee arrived for work on Feb.11. The item was recovered and turned into the circulation desk at Spiva Library during the morning of Feb. 11.

02-11-2009AccidentLot 07/ LibraryAt 3:30 p.m., DPS responded to the report of a vehicular accident that took place behind the Spiva Library. A student was backed into a silver Chevy that was parked in the fire lane while backing out of his parking space. 02-14-2009InformationLot 11/ Leggett & PlattAt 9:15 p.m. on Feb. 14, DPS was conducting the flow of traffic after the men’s and women’s basketball games when a male individual drove up to a barricade on Lot 11 and removed it so that he could drive through. The officer’s patrol car was blocking the exit from the barricaded area, trapping the individual’s car. The officer walked to the individual’s car and asked the person to turn around and leave the area. The individual refused and demanded that the officer remove his patrol car. The officer explained that he was just following orders and that it was the individual that needed to move his own car. The individual began yelling expletives at the officer while telling him to get out of the road and to move the patrol car. The individual continued to yell expletives after he finally turned around and drove away. The vehicle license plate was run through D.O.R. and the individual has been identified.

02-18-2009Property DestructionLot 25At 1:30 a.m., a caller from Dishman Hall reported hearing a loud pop and seeing a damaged vehicle. Handprints on the roof and a right footprint on the hood were on a vehicle with a damaged roof. A witness gave a description of the three individuals standing around the vehicle and another telling the others to move away from the vehicle. The officer went to look for the individuals involved who attempted to run but were stopped by the officer.All of the participants gave the officer their shoes and one shoe print matched. One person was arrested based on the shoe print match.