Security reports

02-25-09AssaultEast HallAt 6:50 a.m., DPS met with a former MSSU student who needed help retrieving personal property from the room of a current student.The former student was staying with friends in the dorm room for a couple of days when she was arrested on the evening of Feb. 24, for assault.JPD never notified DPS about the incident and refused to help retrieve the former student’s belongings.The MSSU students returned the former student’s belongings. DPS confiscated the former student’s MSSU ID and requested she not to come back to campus.03-01-2009Indecent exposureSpiva LibraryAt 11:45 a.m., DPS responded to a call from a student in Spiva library concerning an act of indecent exposure. The officer met the student victims on the third floor and learned that the suspect had recently left the building after being confronted by a librarian. One of the student witnesses reported viewing the suspect with his hand down his pants, giving the impression that he was masturbating. The witness said that the suspect was looking at a spreadsheet document while attempting to commit this act. According to a Spiva librarian, this was the third incident involving this person and indecent exposure at the library in the last six months. The first time the suspect was watching video pornography and the second time he was looking at some sort of computer document. The first time the student was temporarily banned from the library. The suspect left too quickly to be apprehended by DPS the second and third times.