Marvel Cinematic Universe swinging out of Phase 3

Orval Howard

‘Spider-man: Far From Home’ is a fresh addition to an already iconic character. What starts out as a romantic, coming of age comedy turns into the summer blockbuster we have come to expect from a Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

Tom Holland shines once again as the awkward Peter Parker, struggling to manage his personal life while also being a superhero. This is where the film worked best for me. Jon Watts, the director, dived deep into Parker’s internal struggle of becoming Spider-man.

This film takes place post-’Endgame’: the stakes are higher, the action is bigger, and the world is mourning Iron Man.  Parker is under quite a bit of stress to step up to the plate to become “the next Iron Man.” 

The struggle becomes real when the world is threatened while Parker is on vacation. This is the first time that we get a Spider-man film that is not set entirely in New York. Obviously, Parker wants to relax and have fun with his friends, however Nick Fury needs his help to stop the bad guys. So, there is a lot of tension in the film and it feels like there is always something happening.

Jake Gyllenhaal, who can do no wrong when it comes to film, portrays Quentin Beck/Mysterio within the film. I actually enjoyed his character a great amount. He is incredible is any role he takes, and it is amazing to see him in a superhero film. 

When he is Beck, Ghyllenhaal plays the character with so much charisma and likeability that he steals the screen. When Beck puts on his suit and becomes Mysterio, we get some of the best action scenes in the Spider-man franchise. Because he is an illusionist, there is one scene in particular that will bend your mind and have you questioning everything. 

Watts also directed the first film, and while that film is also very good, it felt like he was more comfortable with this one. He had more control over the action, and there are some really cool shots within the film that Watts manages to pull off.

Where this film did not work for me is the comedy. I didn’t hate the first half of the film because it showed us why we should care about the characters. We get to see the teenagers interact with each other and show us that they are just teenagers on vacation. However, there is so much humor that it gets old quick. A lot of the jokes in that first half of the film, do not land and it feels like a waste of time for them to be in the film.

After this film was released, Sony pulled out of the Disney deal and fanboys everywhere lost their minds. I was even a little scared that we would never get to see Holland’s Spider-man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe again. Since then, Sony and Disney have settled on an agreement and Holland will reprise his character in this franchise. 

Although the film feels like a generic Marvel blockbuster that we have come to expect, it delivered everything I wanted with ‘Spider-man: Far From Home’. The ending of the film has my expectations and curiosity high for what the filmmakers plan to do in the future with this character.