Raising $ matters

If you read The Chart, watch local news, or talk to anyone on campus you’ve probably heard over and over again from people nagging about Missouri Southern’s budget cuts. There’s a travel moratorium. All departmental budgets slashed. Our men’s soccer team is no more. And it was once announced our Child Development Center would close. Yet despite all of that, we somehow raised enrollment this spring.

Maybe that’s because we’re doing something right for once.

On February 20, The Chart reported the CDC had lowered operating costs from $80,000 to $0. That’s right, ZERO. This program was saved because Sodexho is donating services and a few parents agreed to pay an additional $3. That’s all it took. Sounds simple, right? It is.

Saving that program took initiative from students, faculty and a generous sponsor. So what about our soccer program? What about travel? What about paying our teachers a decent wage? These are all growing concerns of, well, everybody! Students, sponsors, alumni and faculty – when the school cuts funds no one is spared.

So why not raise funds? I mean, of course we want to offer an affordable day care service to single moms, but what’s $3 when you’re already paying thousands for an education?

We’re the most affordable university in the state but I fret that, without raising income, we may become the cheapest university.

Why should you care? Uh, MSSU is the name on your diploma. It’s your resume, stupid! Aren’t you here to get a better job? I am! I hope you are.

And if so it’s your duty, as much as anyone, to ask questions and find answers to our university’s problems. Get involved with Student Senate, Faculty Senate, or Staff Senate and voice yourself. If you don’t do it, who will?

There’s already talk of many new programs at MSSU. All semester people have voiced ideas on new recycling programs, student-friendly enrollment policy and other cost-saving measures. Now why not look at generating some income?

My suggestion is allowing beer to be sold at Fred G. Hughes Stadium.

What’s yours?