Our Opinion

For the past year, we here at The Chart, much like our friends at college newspapers across the country, have dedicated this space, our staff editorial, to giving our readers our take on what we consider the most important news of the week or day.

However, for this last issue, we beg your pardon and ask for some patience as we’re going to be a little selfish and use this space for some much needed acknowledgments.

To Meagan Morrison, our sports editor who will be leaving us for the U.S. Navy.Meagan, as you’re running your way through boot camp we’ll be recalling countless Wednesdays singing to YouTube videos, boy-band dance parties and wandering through Washington, D.C., in the pouring rain.

Just remember, “We love college.”

To Kristin Lacey and Jessy Low, our senior English majors, who joined us from across the literary lines and continue to come back and visit even though their internships/servitude have ended — we’ll miss the snide remarks from the corner, the creative take on security reports and profanity-laced bellowing inspired by poor punctuation, lack of grammar and misspelling words like “vagina.”

To Amye Buckley, who has filled almost every position on this paper at one time or another, we won’t try to explain how much we’ll miss “Buckley’s General Store,” you calling bullshit on anyone and everyone and angry scrawled phone messages that will later be used to roll cigarettes.

To all our readers who love us, who hate us, who make angry comments online and who stop to shake our reporters’ hands in the hallway (and those who do a little of both) — we thank you, and we’ll see you next year.

Now in true Chart style: “Screw you guys, we’re going home.”