Senate considers ‘no confidence’ vote

Luke Taylor

The Missouri Southern Faculty Senate voted 23-2 Monday to create an ad hoc committee for the purpose of determining the proper procedure for taking a vote of no confidence in University President Bruce Speck. “For a long time I have been hearing concerns about the managerial style of the University president, Dr. Bruce Speck,” said Roger Chelf, president of the Faculty Senate. “There is a growing dissatisfaction with President Speck.” The discussion and vote came after University administrators were excused from the meeting. The vote was conducted by ballot and was anonymous.Chelf said he would like the committee to represent the University as much as possible, but should consist primarily of long-term faculty. “We would like no one who’s not tenured to serve on this committee,” Chelf said. Once the committee was approved, the Senate drafted a letter to the MSSU Board of Governors informing that body of the committee’s formation and purpose.”It is a new area for us,” Chelf said. “We are charting new territory and we want to make sure we do it correctly.” Chelf said he would mail the letters to the Board members from an off-campus site the next day.The following is the full text of the letter:”This is to inform you that the Faculty Senate has formed an ad hoc committee for the purpose of determining the proper procedure for taking a vote of no confidence in President Speck by the teaching faculty of MSSU. The committee is also charged with collecting the evidence that demonstrates a vote of no confidence is both necessary and deserved. We expect that this committee will have completed its task by the next Faculty Senate meeting, which is scheduled for October 5, 2009. At that time, we will convey our evidence to you, and if and when a vote is taken, we will inform you of the results.” Efforts to reach Speck after the meeting were unsuccessful.In an interview Tuesday with a Chart reporter, the president said he had no comment on the matter other than a statement sent to University employees Tuesday afternoon.”At this time, the Faculty Senate has not provided any specific issues, so I am looking forward to learning what those may be and working with the Faculty Senate to discuss and resolve those to the best of our ability,” the president said in the statement.