Rock the Vote Not even close

It’s that time of year folks.Once again Student Senate has had yet another underwhelming turnout for its annual elections.We will, of course, have to applaud the senior class for its efforts, having 13 possible candidates for its 9 available seats. We hear that almost 25 seniors voted. Wow. But at least they forced it to a vote.As for the rest of you classes: Are you serious?Freshman class – five senators. How impressive. What is that? Like one senator for every 150 of you running around campus playing basketball and sand volleyball?Everywhere we look there’s another freshman getting involved, asking where stuff is, offering quotes to our busy reporters. And only five of you made it into the student services offices to possibly make a difference. Of course we can’t knock the sophomores, they only left one seat open. In the grand scheme of apathy, that’s not too bad.But the junior class managed to wrangle a whole four senators onto the board. Where are all the juniors?We know most of you have spent the last two years taking care of those difficult core classes like music appreciation. Now you’re in the home stretch. You should be running out there to get some of those experience points and résumé builders everyone has been encouraging you to accumulate. There is a life after college, and when you get out there they sure do like to know that you work well with groups and care about your community.But hey, that’s just our opinion. We’re sure the overtime you’re working at Starbucks will help get you that desk job you’ve always wanted.