I don’t offend easily, but…

Luke Taylor

Honestly, I don’t get offended easily.

There are too many people in our world who get offended by almost anything and play the “race card” or something similar just to cause a stir. I’m not like that.

Even though I’m a Christian in a society that can sometimes be very intolerant of Christians, I can say I’ve been personally offended very few times in my life. Once it was an episode of Family Guy (but that show tries to offend everybody), once it was Fox News, but it hasn’t been very often.

I’m starting to feel like I have reason to be offended again. However, I must examine two statements our president has made this year in order to determine that it’s justified.

One was just recently. Our president issued a statement in response to Ramadan, the ninth month of the lunar calendar in which Muslims fast during the daylight hours. They also pray during this time and are encouraged to recite the entire Koran.

President Barack Obama said, “I want to extend best wishes to Muslims in America and around the world. Ramadan Kareem.”

He also cited service to our country during this past summer that Muslims have participated in, as well as reiterating his mission to bring Americans and Muslims together.

I’m not against Muslims. I’m not trying to run down Muslims or Ramadan just because we don’t share the same beliefs. However, I need to compare the President’s comments about Ramadan to a statement he made about my faith last May.

National Day of Prayer has been an annual event since 1952, and since Ronald Reagan was in office it was held on the first Thursday each May.

Obama did not recognize the National Day of Prayer as previous presidents have, not even releasing the proclamation declaring it until the day of the event, insisting that “prayer is private.”

If Obama had issued one of those two statements, I wouldn’t have such a strong opinion about this. In fact, I had pretty much forgotten about how he snubbed Christians last May until he released a video from whitehouse.gov in support of the Muslims’ tradition.

How can he smother a national tradition that aligns with the Judeo-Christian philosophy as much as he possibly can, but issue a five minute video speaking blessings to the Muslims for Ramadan?

Yeah, Mr. President. I’m offended.