Staff Senate to hold elections

For one, two or three-year terms, Staff Senate elections have been slated for May 3-6.

There is one position open in each of Staff Senate’s three classifications.

“All future Senate positions will be for three years to continue the flow of one new person for each category voting in a new person,” said Staff Senate President Josh Doak. He was president-elect until former President Darren Fullerton became vice president of student affairs.

Currently, the length of time someone will serve on the senate is dependent on the number of votes received.

On May 3-4, staff will have the option of sending their votes through email. If not, they can physically fill out a ballot in Billingsly Student Center or the Physical Plant on May 5-6. Staff can only vote in one or the other.

Any member of Missouri Southern’s staff can nominate another, or they can nominate themselves. Staff can be re-nominated if they are already serving, and new officers will be determined in July.

There are three classifications on the Senate: classified staff, physical plant staff and professional staff.

“Right now, we have equal representation [three members] from each of those classifications,” said Doak.

Also, two “at large” senators can be elected from any category, bringing the size of the senate to 11.

During the April 14 Staff Senate meeting, Doak presented the idea of expanding Staff Senate, but not for the May election.

“I added it to our agenda to look at it in the future, and, as deemed, our elections committee can look at expanding classifications to give us more representation,” he said. “The more people that you have, the more people that, you know, can give input to the Staff Senate and let them know if there’s any type of ideas you might have.”

Also, having more senators will lighten the load on current ones.

“We have so many committees with such a small group that you don’t want every one of us on every committee to be overburdened,” Doak said.