Pink is October’s color of support


Curtis Almeter / The Chart

Beverly Riddle, owner of Riddle’s, a wig and specialty store for artificial breasts and other beauty supplies, displays one of many real hair wigs for sale in her store Monday afternoon.

Pink is for more than 5-year-old princesses in the month of October. Pink is also the color of support in October during the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month for those who have been affected by breast cancer.

The goals of the NBCAM organization are awareness, education and empowerment. Reaching out for 26 years, the NBCAM strives to be a year-round resource of support and encouragement for cancer patients, survivors, families and the general public. The disease affects more than just the currently diagnosed.

The American Cancer Society estimates 207,090 new cases of invasive breast cancer and 54,010 new cases of in situ breast cancer in women in the United States in 2010. Plus, 1,970 new cases of invasive breast cancer in men are estimated. ACS predicts deaths of women and men at 40,230 for 2010.

 “By educating ourselves and supporting innovative research, we will improve the quality of life for all Americans affected by breast cancer and, one day, defeat this terrible disease,” said President Barack Obama in his 2010 presidential proclamation for NBCAM.

Until the disease is defeated, education is the key for decreasing the number of cases and increasing the number of survivors. The NBCAM website lists the five most common risk factors as sex, age, personal history, family history and the breast cancer gene. Part of the NBCAM is to encourage women and men to talk to their doctors about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. As with all cancers, early detection improves the patient’s chances of survival.

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