Nathan Mills & Jordan Larimore / Staff Writer & Sports Editor

Jordan Larimore: So far, the Baseball Writer’s Association of America has really screwed up their voting for Major League Baseball’s most prestigious individual awards.


Nathan Mills: I think you’re just hurt because your Cardinals couldn’t muster any awards except for a couple measely Gold Gloves for Pujols and Molina.


‘More: Well for one thing, they were both the front-runners hands-down. Shortstop Brendan Ryan should have been given one too by the way. But the award that really kills me is Rookie Of The Year. Jaime Garcia was a rock in the Cardinals’ rotation all year long. Often more consistent than Cy Young runner-up, and total snub, Adam Wainwright.


Mills: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: all Cardinals fans are crybabies.  Something doesn’t go your way, and all of you are instantly crying foul. Let’s be honest – Wainwright never had a shot at that Cy Young behind Halladay, and Garcia didn’t do much to deserve the ROY award.  I know mediocrity seems great for you Cardinal fans, but a 13-8 record isn’t at all impressive.


‘More: Wainwright was never really given a shot, you’re right. Thanks for proving my point. These voters are for some reason apprehensive to look past the perennials of Halladay and Tim Lincecum. Both great pitchers, no doubt, but Wain-O finished with 20 wins and a lower ERA than Halladay. As for Garcia, you point to his mediocre record, Nolan frigging Ryan would have had trouble winning as many as the guy who didn’t win the Cy did with the Cards’ offense underperforming as badly as it did.


Mills: Wainwright wasn’t given a shot because he didn’t deserve a shot.  Halladay was in the top 3 in the league in EVERY stat category, not to mention the fact that he led the league in complete games, something neither of your Cardinal hacks could do.  It takes a real pitcher to put together a whole game, especially that perfect game I haven’t even mentioned yet.


‘More: I was actually waiting for you to get to that. You’ll love this: If Halladay hadn’t tossed that perfecto, Wainwright is your Cy Young winner. By the way, Wain-O was top 3 in all those same categories too.


Mills: Charlie Robertson. Len Barker. Dallas Braden. Dennis Martinez.  Any of those names ring a bell?  Maybe Braden, but only because he was so recent.  This is only a portion of the list of pitchers who tossed a perfect game and still didn’t win the Cy Young.  In fact, all of them have losing records for their careers.  While the perfect game is definitely icing on the cake, NOBODY would vote for a guy just because of one incredible performance.  Stop crying and accept it.


‘More: Ok. The perfect game wasn’t the reason he won, Halladay had an amazing season, as he typically does. But if he had had that season, minus the hoopla from that perfect game, I truly don’t believe there’s anyway his season would have left such an impression.