C’mon bruh: Picture poses on Facebook annoy guest columnist

Maurlon Bembry


I would like to take the time to say thank you for taking the time out of your schedule and reading The Chart newspaper and second for reading this particular column. I’m going to warn you from the start that these series columns, or perhaps column, if they decide to cancel it do to offensive material is nothing but comedy and strictly opinion based. 

Now that’s taken care of, and everyone is aware of how this column is formatted, as you can hopefully read on the top of the column, this is C’mon bruh. 

A column with a sole purpose of pointing out things that is both annoying and humorous in everyday life. This week topic will be over Facebook. 

No I am not speaking of how they keep changing everyday and making it worst and worst, but over the annoying pictures that people, particularly females and the same old stupid pose and faces they make; I’m speaking of the pose when they leaning on leg, trying to show hips when they clearly don’t have any. 

Another pose they do is when the camera is from above and they make that little kissy face like it’s cute with the peace sign. I mean really, c’mon bruh it isn’t cute, and it doesn’t help that you got guys making comments like “oh you look real sexy” or “dang girl, you looking really good there when we gonna hook up”. 

No, it’s not sexy and it doesn’t help that there’s these thirsty guys out here; but thirsty guys is an article for another time. Stop it with the same old pose, try something new. 

The kissy face, lips poking out isn’t cute, I don’t know if you’re trying to show that you have lips when you know you don’t have or something, I don’t know, whatever it is stop it. Whatever you have, make it work; don’t try to trick people by making the illusion that you have lips or hips when you know you don’t. 

Do you know that when you trick and try to display something that isn’t there that it is called lying? 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like liars, because if you lie that means I can’t trust, and if I can’t trust, I can’t mess with you. Now you’re probably reading this thinking “well I wouldn’t mess with you anyway” and you be that same female, that mess with these dudes and when they do you wrong and show you no respect you all of a sudden have a status that’s “deep” and “intellectual”. 

But then again, some of these females clearly don’t want to be respected because they have guys coming in and out of their room all through the night. 

So c’mon, stop it with the stupid pose and stupid faces, and actually have a real sexy pose and look to you. We’re in college now, it’s time to grow-up, at least a little bit. But that’s just me and my little opinion, I’m done talking about it.