The feel good film we need right now

Orval Howard

I was thumbing through the endless selections of film on Hulu the other day and came across a hidden gem called Hearts Beat Loud. The 2018 film features the loveable Nick Offerman, so it caught my attention. 

After reading the description, I thought, “why not”, and started watching it. I did not expect this movie to grab my attention the way it did and make me care so much about a film that I had never heard of. 

Offerman plays Frank, a single dad and a record store owner. He is being faced with hardships including having to shut down his store and his daughter leaving for college. Frank escapes from his hardships by participating in a weekly “jam session” with his daughter and sharing their love for music. After Frank records and downloads one of their songs to Spotify, the two embark on a journey that will forever change them. 

Offerman is well known for his role in Parks and Recreation. He is funny, and his laugh is contagious. I have seen him in dramatic films, but his role in ‘Hearts Beat Loud’ is something special. 

The film is both funny and sad. A lot of films ruin dramatic moments because they think there should be a joke thrown in the mix. The director, Brett Haley, knows what he is doing, and it shows. 

There are two specific aspects of the film that I really enjoyed. Offerman’s deceased wife in the film is African American and his daughter is gay. Without the film shoving it in your face, it provided a voice on interracial marriage and sexuality. I loved that it had something to say, and it makes it that much more important. 

Music is also a big part of this movie. I love when films incorporate music in their stories. Music can enhance what is being told on screen in a beautiful way. This film, for instance, uses songs to tell the story of heartbreak and letting go. The songs are beautiful, sad and make this movie a whole experience to watch. 

This film has a big heart. Its goal is to touch your emotions and make you feel something.  

It will make you want to keep going down whatever path you are down. It depicts characters who have no idea where to go in life and that is the hard truth of life. There are times where we are lost, but if you find something you love doing, keep going. This film will inspire you to keep fighting for your dream. 

I think this is the perfect film to review this week. We are in a tough time as a country and we are feeling it as individuals. No matter if you are an athlete who just lost a season or a senior quarantined at home. This is a rough time that we are going through. We could all use a movie to brighten our spirits just a little bit. 

If you have Hulu and extra time, watch this film. It is the feel-good film that we need right now.