Proposal to help with recovery efforts

The proposal created by the Citizens Advisory Recovery Team has been approved by City Council and will now be used to help guide the City of Joplin in its recovery efforts.

When creating the proposal, members of the CART reached out to the citizens of Joplin through town hall meetings, booths at community events, and other open forums to make sure that all the ideas represented in the document reflect the change that the community wants to see.

Divided into four sectors, the CART focuses on the areas of economic development, schools and community facilities, housing and neighborhoods, and  infrastructure and environment.

While the CART doesn’t have the authority to directly implement these changes, it will continue to help the city make positive changes within the community.

Jane Cage, chairman, says “Members are continually meeting with city officials to talk over the the next steps toward completion.”

As more progress is made, changes can be expected around 20th Street from Duquesne Road to Schifferdecker, South Main from 15th Street to 50th Street, 26th Street from Main Street to Maiden Lane, and Connecticut from 20th Street to 32nd Street.

The CART hopes to advise the city in adding more sidewalks and public parks, among other improvements.

Andy Martin, vice chairman, said “The great citizens of Joplin have been through a horrific experience that will ultimately unite us and allow us to become a stronger community than we were, even more so than before the tornado.”  

Because there are so many projects, big and small, members of the CART will be working with different agencies within the city.

The city was also granted $45 million CDBG grants, and Cage says the CART will be “assisting the city in trying to understand the guidelines for using the money and determining the best way to use it.

“The CART plan is still a living document,” Cage said.

“There have been minor changes to the original, but no wholesale changes have been made.”

More information about the CART and its plans for the city can be found online at or on their Facebook page, Joplin Area CART.