Kappa Sigma ‘boxing’ it


Joshua Boley, The Chart

Freshman nursing major Samantha Rojas lends a hand to sophomore political science major Keegan Tinney.

Kappa Sigma held their Third Annual Great Box Build-Off on the Oval this week.

The event started off Tuesday at 8 a.m. and lasted until 8 a.m. Thursday.

“We are living in our palace for the next 48 hours trying to raise money and clothes for the homeless,” Kappa Sigma President, junior kinesiology major, Jerrick Williams said.

The fraternity planned to have 25-30 members participate in the event including freshman pledges.

“This is pretty cool; I have never done anything like it,” said mass communications major, Dylan Thompson.

According to Williams, other groups will be coming out throughout the event to show their support with one even possibly bringing them dinner.

The “palace” was a sprawling building made of cardboard boxes with several rooms, halls and a watchtower.

During the day, members of the fraternity could be found either working on the structure, taking donations or sitting in the palaces courtyard. “It’s incredible to see how many things we can build out of boxes,” Thompson said.

Donations of food, clothing and cash were made to the fraternity during the event.

“We are hoping to raise around $5000 worth of clothes and log 600 volunteer hours,” Williams said.