SBDTC seeks to help region’s start-up businesses

The Missouri Southern Small Business Development Center is currently offering a variety of introductory workshops for aspiring small business owners in Joplin. 

“We do over 70 events a year,” said Sarah Vargyas, research associate for the Small Business Development Center, “workshops, seminars, conferences.”

“We’re offering our ‘Starting a Small Business: The First Steps’ workshop,” Vargyas said. “We do that at least once a month, all year long, including summer.” 

The next “Starting a Small Business Workshop” is scheduled for 1:15 p.m. Friday, Oct. 5, in Plaster Hall, Room 102.

In addition to “Starting a Small Business,” the Development Center offers other regular workshops including “How to Write a Successful Business Plan” and “Making Better Business Decisions Using Your Financial Statements.” 

“These three workshops are geared towards people who are wanting to start a business or need help with the basics of getting their business going,” Vargyas said. 

The Development Center also offers computer workshops, forums, and free one-on-one consulting. 

Funding for the free workshops comes from Missouri Southern as well as the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce. 

“This semester we’re also offering a special new offering,” Vargyas said, “the ‘Franklin Covey Workshops.’ There are four of those.”

The first of the Franklin Covey Workshops is scheduled for 1 p.m. Monday, Oct. 1, in Plaster Hall, Room 104. The event will require an advance of $149, unlike the other funded workshops the Center provides. 

“Another new one we’re offering is a Kaufman workshop,” Vargyas said.  It’s for those people who have been in business for a year and want to look into growth opportunities.

For more information on upcoming workshops and events presented by the Small Business Development Center, please visit