Senate to decide on statue soon

This week, Student Senate had a full house and met to discuss the development of the lion statue proposal and approved three appropriations.

On Wednesday, Capitol Improvement Committee Chair Ryan Prisock, and school officials met with the organization that has been appointed to sculpt the project.

They were informed that the project’s estimated price was dependent upon the size of the statue itself.

If the senate allows spending maximum to be set at $25,000 the statue would be 8 feet long.

If the senate allows the spending maximum to be set at $40,000 the statue would be 12 feet long.

“The statue will have our name on it,” Prisock said. “We can have a voice [through the statue] and it can have a huge impact on campus.”

The senate must make a final vote to by the end of the month to have the project finished by graduation.

After approving three appropriations, the senate has funds that total to $85,655.78.

The faculty senate representative reported on a smoking ban being discussed to implement on campus.

The committee is leading towards enforcing designated areas as smoke-free and possibly having a pavilion on campus for smokers.

The student senate will meet again Wednesday, Oct. 17.