Kappa Alpha’s awarded for ‘excellence’

Ian Taylor, Staff Writer

The George C. Marshall award was recently presented to one of Missouri Southern’s fraternities for its dedication to school, community and chapter.

“It was an award for chapter excellence,” said Allen Tripp, President of Kappa Alpha at Southern. “It is given to the top three chapters in the nation.”

As with most Greek life, Kappa Alpha Order works within the community and for a specific charitable group the fraternity has chosen.

The award’s recipients are chosen based on past work and other ideals that Tripp says his chapter regards highly.

“School involvement, charitable work and chapter pride are all ideals that KA holds to high standards,” he said.

The prestigious George C. Marshall award is one that Tripp hopes will shed a new light on the fraternity and it’s goals.  

“One thing we specifically excel in is philanthropy.  We raised almost $10,000 dollars for the Muscular Dystrophy Association,” he said.  

“We also performed about 126 hours per man of community service,” Tripp said.

“It’s a heavy workload for the men committed to the cause.”

 David Soltys, a recent graduate of Missouri Southern, sees greek life from a different perspective.

“It just seemed like an extra distraction for me,” Soltys said.  

He was employed, went to school full time and was involved in multiple extracurricular activities.

 “I just didn’t have time for all that stuff,” he said.  

While for some, greek life has its advantages it is clear it isn’t for everyone.

 But, with the right situation and the right fraternity, Greek life can enhance the college experience and life after school in many ways, according to Tripp.

“They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and to become a part of the community and university, and beyond that as well it really helps with your future,” said Tripp.

For many, college can be a chance to try out new organizations and possibly step out of one’s comfort zone.

Establishing a network of connections to be used and friendships with brothers that will last a lifetime, a fraternity life may not be all pranks and parties, but in the end it seems it may just be worth it.

This is the first time in the chapter’s history winning the award. The Delta Pi chapter of Kappa Alpha has also won three Samuel Z. Ammen awards in the past, another chapter excellence award, including the last two years.

They were one of only two KA chapters to receive the Marshall award in the nation.