Senate continues mural discussion

Cody Martin

Cody Martin

This week, Student Senate met and re-opened discussion of the previously discussed Tunnel Mural Bill.

The senate approved a second reading to be held at the next business meeting that will occur on March 13 at 5:30 p.m.

To start the discussion, Ryan Prisock, capital improvement committee chairman, began with a brief recap of what was discussed last week and also allowed Lauren Murdock, senior art major and member of the design team slated to run the project, to speak to the senate body.

“Community art itself is kind of a new movement,” Murdock said. “To have Missouri Southern at the forefront of that would be amazing.”

Murdock argued to the senate that the tunnel is a great place for the mural because of the negative way students perceive it currently and that the project would turn the tunnel into a piece of art that everyone can enjoy.

“We want this project to speak to student life,” Murdock said. “Having the students be a part of the mural themselves is really exciting.”

The idea that the capital improvement committee and the design team has in mind is to include students in the planning and designing of the mural.

Students will also have the opportunity to be involved hands-on by painting with the artists on painting day.

Senators reiterated questions on the issue raised at the last meeting.

Placement of the mural, structural elements of the tunnel, cleaning of the tunnel and student appreciation were discussed.

Senator Brittany Lampe made a visit to Bob Harrington, physical plant director, to discuss some of the issues brought up last week to share with the senators.

“The tunnel is completely stable,” Lampe said.

“I know we had some claims that it was dirty, however the grounds crew will be upping cleaning on the tunnel to twice a week.”

Treasurer Cody Martin said that he believes the tunnel will remain dirty even after the artwork would be completed and doesn’t feel good about spending $4,000 on something that will not be taken care of.

“That tunnel does not get cleaned as much as stated and I know that for a fact,” Martin said.

“When they do clean it, the quality of their clean is mediocre.”

Senators went back and forth before deciding no more progress could be made at this week’s meeting.

The body will review the bill at the next meeting.