Joplin residents to vote on recycling proposal in August


Shelby Neubeck/The Chart

Katrina Richards and Maddie Quick from YPN work to bring awareness during Third Thursday in downtown Joplin.  The proposal would mean a monthly increase for residents of $3.03 and the city an extra $680.

In early April the Joplin City Council received a proposal of curbside recycling. The idea of curbside recycling has been tossed around since last July but the proposal is finally getting its day at the election booths on Aug. 6 of this year.

If voters approve the plan on election day there will be trucks traveling throughout the community collecting what light materials there are and dumping them over 150 miles north at one of Kansas City’s recycling centers. From there the items will be sorted and processed.

This proposal will cost the city more than $24,000 to hold the election, and if approved, cost residents an extra $3.03 a month.

If residents vote in favor of curbside recycling, the city, will extend its contract with Allied Waste for another five years.

At the current trash rates, that’s another $680, not including the cost of recycling over that time.

“We think it would be a great thing for our community,” said Katrina Richards of the Young Professionals Network, a group within the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce.

“And it we believe it to be a more convenient way to recycle.”

Curbside recycling will cater to those who are avid recyclers, and motivate those who want to recycle but can’t follow through under their own initiative.

In essence, it is an effort to help make the city of Joplin more environmentally friendly. Pickup of these recyclables will happen every other week and a designated cart will be provided to every household.

“I like the idea because I think more people should recycle,” said Joplin resident Barney Stanley as he took his trash out to the curb earlier this week. “But, while it doesn’t sound like much, I don’t want the added fees nor do I want to deal with the hassle of having two separate trash bins.”

If you’re a Joplin resident, have an interest in recycling, or have better things to do with your $3.03 be sure to cast your vote on August 6th.

The proposal does not include  the  recycling of any glass items. If passed, the plan will not go into effect for another six months.