Few passengers on board for Titanic

On Thursday, Apr. 25, CAB and Student Life hosted their annual Dive-In Movie, screening James Cameron’s tragic classic Titanic.

“Every once in a while, like the last movie, we have a good turnout of around 20 people,” Steven Jakovivich, lifeguard, said. “Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad.”

Despite free concessions, a free film, and plenty of floaties, only a handful of participants attended the event.

“I feel that if we had more advertising and we didn’t have the movie so close to finals week we’d have more people,” Jakovivich said.

“I didn’t expect much of a turnout. None of us did.”

The group that showed up for the event consisted of a number of new faces as well as several die-hard attendants including Ashley Herring and Danielle Slocum.

“The spread’s always been good. It’s been different each time,” Herring said. “Some of the movies I hadn’t seen before, and the food’s free.”

Slocum said that she enjoyed how relaxing the events always were, though she wasn’t surprised at the small turnout. “It’s usually really low,” Slocum said. “I don’t think we’ve ever gotten more than ten people.”

Both Slocum and Harring said that they believed more advertising and more current films might invite a larger crowd.

“It’s always fun when you have [a movie] dealing with water while actually being in the pool to watch it,” Slocum said. “Like the last movie, we watched Jaws. It brings a whole new experience to the movie.”